Treat your hungry belly with some traditional delicacies, which full of herbs and spices, and hot beverages served at De’ Balcone Resto. Try out some menu provided at the restaurant or choose your favorite one to be served on your table. Bandrek, a Sundanese authentic beverage, would be the best choice to warm your body.

De’Balcone was built with an outdoor concept to let the visitors enjoy their food as looking at the beautiful scenery of Situgunung. This restaurant provides a balcony and photo spots with forest and the suspension bridge as the background.

Savor the taste of good food while enjoying the rainforest’s mild air and the stunning mountain scenery from your table. Feel the rainforest ambience as taking a sip of coffee would be a good idea for relaxing and calming your body and mind. Go sight-seeing the bridge view as standing on the restaurant’s small balcony will be a calming experience you’ve ever got here.