Guide To Lembah Purba Sukabumi

Foto: Lembah Purba / instagram @vanderkhoe

Embark on an unforgettable journey through the lush landscapes and breathtaking wonders of West Java, where adventure meets tranquility in perfect harmony. As you step foot into this enchanting region, prepare to be captivated by a tapestry of natural marvels and exhilarating experiences that await at every turn.

From the majestic heights of the Lembah Purba Suspension Bridge to the adrenaline-pumping thrills of Situ Gunung’s Flying Fox, and the serene beauty of Situ Gunung Lake with its floating lodges, West Java offers a plethora of delights for the intrepid traveler. Join us as we delve into the heart of this Indonesian paradise, where every corner reveals a new story, a new adventure, and a new perspective on the beauty of nature.

Lembah Purba (Ancient Valley) Suspension Bridge

The Ancient Valley Suspension Bridge, located in a mountainous area with a reputation as the longest bridge in the middle of a forest in Asia. Presenting an unforgettable experience for visitors. With a length of 535 meters, this bridge broke the record as the longest suspension bridge compared to its predecessor.

Foto: Lembah Purba / instagram @christine_tinee

This bridge is not just a majestic structure connecting two cliffs. But it is also the gateway to amazing natural beauty, namely the Ancient Valley which is famous for its Twin Waterfalls. The name “Purba Valley” is said to come from the location of the waterfall which is located in a valley surrounded by ancient trees.

However, to be able to experience the sensation of walking on the Ancient Valley Suspension Bridge, visitors must pay an expedition ticket. However, the cost of this ticket will not make you regret it. Because this ticket gives access to various very interesting tourist facilities.

One of them is the Keranjang Sultan tour package, which allows visitors to explore the natural beauty around Situ Gunung with maximum comfort. This package includes entrance tickets, stunning waterfalls, introductory transportation, and more. In this way, visitors can enjoy the entire tourist experience completely and unforgettablely.

So, the Ancient Valley Suspension Bridge is not only a spectacular piece of infrastructure. But it is also a gateway to stunning natural wonders and various tourist facilities that pamper its visitors.

Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge

Experience the thrilling and enjoyable experience of walking on the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge, the longest in Southeast Asia. The sweetness of natural sounds combines with the distinctive aroma of wood. And the gentle mountain breeze accompanies you step by step and takes you into a calming rainforest atmosphere.

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It stretches 243 meters long, 18 meters wide, and is at a height of 161 meters. The Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge gives you an unforgettable experience of crossing a bridge in the middle of the forest.

No need to bother trekking for hours to get to Curug Sawer, by crossing the bridge, you can save your energy and time. Before entering the gate, visitors will be fitted with a safety belt. Functions to anticipate all possibilities that may occur on the bridge, so you can cross the bridge safely and comfortably.

Keranjang Sultan

A visit to Sukabumi will not be complete if you don’t stop by the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge Sukabumi. There are exciting rides around the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge Sukabumi that you must try, namely the Sultan’s Basket. Basket Sultan is a hanging chair ride in the shape of a basket made of rattan. Instead of being intended for sitting and relaxing, the Sultan’s Basket will actually stimulate tourists’ adrenaline. The Sultan’s Basket runs across the river with a route 100 meters long.

This Sultan chair is safe for tourists, because it is attached to a steel rope (sling) and uses a motorbike as the driving force. There are four baskets provided and tourists can ride them in turns, so visitors must queue to be able to enjoy the sensation of this sliding chair.

The location of the Situ Gunung Sultan Basket is in the Situ Gunung area, Jalan Kadudampit, Gede Pangrango, Kadudampit, Sukabumi Regency, West Java. Ticket Prices and Opening Hours for Sultan Situ Gunung Sukabumi Basket, opening hours are 07.00 – 16.00 WIB on weekdays and from 07.00 – 17.00 WIB on weekends and high season.

The cost of riding the Situ Gunung Sukabumi Sultan Basket includes payment for the Situ Gunung Suspension Bridge VIP ticket. Tourists who buy VIP tickets will get transportation facilities, get a welcome drink and snacks, then experience crossing a suspension bridge in the middle of the forest. So VIP Suspension Bridge ticket holders don’t need to pay any more and can immediately feel the sensation of hanging on a Sultan Basket. However, regular ticket holders must pay an additional fee per person.

Flying Fox Situ Gunung

Flying fox lake Situ Gunung is located in the Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park (TNGGP). This flying fox ride stretches 733 meters across Situ Gunung lake. This flying fox is in the same area as the Situ Gunung suspension bridge.

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This flying fox has gone through a series of testing processes with different loads. Tourists don’t need to worry about security, because this flying fox uses international standard double safety.

When visitors ride the flying fox, they will be treated to a view of the lake surrounded by resin trees. The sensation of crossing Situ Gunung lake from a height is also an unforgettable experience.

Situ Gunung Lake and Floating Lodge

Situ Gunung Lake is an artificial lake located not far from the Situgunung Suspension Bridge area with affordable ticket prices. Visitors will be presented with a wide lake surrounded by pine trees on the slopes of Mount Gede Pangrango.

Situ Gunung Lake is suitable as a picnic place with friends or family. Visitors can rent mats to stretch out while enjoying the fresh mountain air. Apart from enjoying nature from the edge of the lake, visitors can also enjoy nature using a raft.

For tourists who like fishing, this lake is a must visit. Every day, quite a few people fish by the lake. Around the lake there are stalls selling various kinds of food and various accessories.

The location of the floating lodge is in the same area as the Situ Gunung suspension bridge. So not only passing through the suspension bridge, visitors have a choice of other tourist attractions around the area. On top of the floating lodge, chairs and bean bags are provided. The swaying wooden floor will add to the exciting sensation of floating on the lake.

To reach the floating lodge, visitors must go to the lake first. The distance from the entrance to the area is around 500 meters. After that, visitors will be taken using the boats provided around the lake to get to the floating lodge. The sound of the lake water, the wind blowing and the cool weather will make visitors feel at home in the floating lodge at Situ Gunung Lake.

Kembar Waterfall Lembah Purba

Purba Valley is a twin waterfall with natural views that are still very beautiful. It is said that the origin of the name Ancient Valley is because the location of the Twin Waterfalls is in a valley area surrounded by ancient trees. To go to the Ancient Valley, you have to pass through the natural beauty of Situgunung from the longest suspension bridge in Southeast Asia. Of course, a trip to explore the Ancient Valley will provide a different experience, like an adventure in ancient nature.

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To get to the Ancient Valley, you will pass several bridges with varying construction and difficulty levels. Every time you cross a bridge along your trekking path, you don’t need to worry because before leaving you are equipped with safety equipment that will ensure safety. Upon arrival at the Ancient Valley, you will see magnificent nature with flowing water flowing profusely. The drops of the waterfall spread throughout nature, hitting your body gently. Very refreshing!

Sawer Waterfall

The 35 meter high Curug Sawer waterfall is 1.7 kilometers from the TWA Situgunung entrance through tropical forest. However, the journey is cut short by around 500 meters when visitors choose the option of passing the Situgunung Suspension Bridge.

Curug Sawer

Around the water there are prayer rooms, toilets and a food court which provides food and knick-knacks for souvenirs. These facilities are well maintained.

If visitors feel too tired to go back, near the food court there is a motorbike taxi service that can take visitors to the TWA main gate, so there is no need to go back over the suspension bridge.

Curug Sawer seems to guarantee freshness to visitors through the splash of water blown by the forest breeze. Soaking in the clear river overflowing with waterfalls can also be an option for visitors to rest their bodies.


Experience unrivaled comfort in natural tranquility, only at Situ Gunung Sukabumi Purba Valley Glamping. An experience that will imbue your memories with its beauty. This is an opportunity to enjoy true natural peace in the pristine Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park. Apart from that, enjoy the luxury of camping in a comfortable tent, and reconnect with nature with friends or family at Glamping Lembah Purba Situ Gunung Sukabumi.

With a variety of tent types to choose from, visitors can choose one that suits their needs and preferences. These prices apply based on the day of the week, with different rates between weekdays and weekends. For a unique staying experience in the Purba Situ Valley of Gunung Sukabumi, there are several types of tents with different glamping prices.