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S itu Gunung Suspension Bridge is the longest suspension bridge, located in the middle of forest, in South-East Asia. It is located in Situ Gunung Tourist Park, Sukabumi — West Java, which has been one of tourism attractions for years and it is also a part of Gunung Gede Pangrango National Park.

The bridge was first constructed in the mid of 2017. The process of constructing the bridge was done manually by involving locals and experts from Bandung. Regardless of not utilizing heavy machinery in the construction, the bridge was finally completed in less than a year, precisely 4 months.

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Traditional Cultural Event

In addition to maintaining root of the tree for the sake of nature preservation, we also contribute in preserving the traditional culture.

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Be the witness of the longest suspension bridge in South-East Asia by crossing the bridge and enjoy the beauty of Sawer Falls and Situ Gunung Lake at Situ Gunung Tourist Park.

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