The Ancient Valley is a twin waterfall with beautiful natural scenery. The origin of the naming of the Ancient Valley is said to be because the location of the Twin Waterfalls is in a valley area surrounded by ancient trees. To go to the Ancient Valley, you have to pass through the natural beauty of Situgunung from the longest suspension bridge in Southeast Asia. Of course, a trip to explore the Ancient Valley will provide a different experience, like an adventure in the ancient world.

To get to the Ancient Valley, you will pass several bridges with varying constructions and levels of difficulty. Every time you cross the bridge along the trekking route, you don’t need to worry because before leaving, you are equipped with safety equipment that will ensure your safety. Upon arrival at the Ancient Valley, you will see a magnificent nature with flowing water flowing. The grains of the waterfall circulate to all corners of nature, hitting your body gently. So refreshing!

Tourist Attractions

Suspension Bridge

de’Balcone Gede Pangrango


Sawer Waterfall

Camping Ground

Situ Gunung Lake