Precious local wisdom

Complete your weekend getaway by pampering your eyes with the cultural show performed by the local performers. Watch the amusing performances on an outdoor stage made of wood that gives a natural impression, while sitting on the crafted wood bench in the middle of forest.

This wooden stage performs cultural performances such as traditional dance and martial arts accompanied by live accompaniment. It is perform by local performers from culture and arts community surrounded by the audiences sitting on the bench with capacity about 850 guests. Cultural performances are held every Saturday and Sunday, starts from 9 a.m in the morning until 5 p.m in the evening.

“The joy of witnessing the unique and precious local wisdom”

The wooden stage is a witness of the community empowerment’s occurrence, as a positive impact of Situgunung ODTW’s existence. Aside from providing the visitors with Sundanese traditional entertainment, the education process is held in this stage. Moreover, interaction between the visitors and the artist incorporated in Dewan Kesenian Kadudampit.