Be the witness of the longest suspension bridge in South-East Asia by crossing the bridge and enjoy the beauty of Sawer Falls and Situ Gunung Lake at Situ Gunung Tourist Park. Moreover, you would rather be challenged by the experience of walking in the sky on the 99-Bridge.

After experiencing all of the attractions provided, you would love to take a short break and recharging your energy by settling on a bench at the Lake View Balcony.

Enjoying the relaxing view of Situ Gunung Lake while taking a sip of a cup of coffee would be a very amusing yet healing experience you can get in Situ Gunung Tourist Park.

Take a walk at the shady rainforest and if you’re lucky you’ll meet the three endemic primates like Surili, Langur, and Javan Gibbon hanging around on the trees. Moreover, you can spot some other forest animals like squirrels, pangolins, wildcats, even black-panther, and of course various types of bird.

Tourist Attractions

Suspension Bridge

De’ Balcone Gede Pangrango


Sawer Falls

Camping Ground

Situ Gunung Lake


Aside from pampering the visitors with some interesting tourist attractions and views, Situ Gunung Tourist Park provides some spots to facilitate your favorite activities. Some facilities are provided to make you feel more comfortable while having a holiday.

Clean and well maintained restrooms and praying rooms are available at Situ Gunung Tourist Park for your convenience. There are more than 10 units of restrooms, a pray room, and a mosque provided here. Hygiene and health are highly noticed by the crews.

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