Enjoy the rumbling sound of water falling against the rocks and the beautiful view of Sawer Falls while standing on a wood bridge.

Refreshing air and water splash spraying softly onto your face as you resting your legs from weariness of stepping on the stone ladders, or playing with water in the crystal clear river near the falls.

A waterfall with height 35 meters is 1.7 kilometers distance from the gate by walking through Situgunung forest. However, the course has been trimmed for about 500 meters if the visitors choose to take the Situgunung Suspension Bridge.

Sawer Falls guarantees the visitors’ succulence with the water splashing blown by the breeze. Soaking your body in the clear water comes from the falls will be a good choice for the visitors to rest their body.

“If you are lucky, you will find a little rainbow around the falls”